Why Book Freelance?

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Why Book Freelance?


Get started in a just a few steps:

  • Register your firm or agency.
  • After approval, sign in to your account and search for services needed.
  • Receive transcript/video from professionals.
  • eCourt Reporters will invoice you.
  • We pay for the reporter/videographer you selected and retain only 10%.

To view Terms of Use Agreement for firms and agencies, click here.

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Partners with Casetext!

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YouTube tutorials are providing valuable information to get the most out of scheduling certified court reporters direct.
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As officers of the court, certified court reporters are trained on ethics and confidentiality. Untrained persons recording legal proceedings is truly risky business. https://t.co/PJu2dLtqme


  • “Partnering with eCourtReporters has allowed me to grow my business and do it on my own terms.  I’ve gained a valuable client who has booked me over 20 times in the past year! Karen and Judy are always available to help and keep the lines of communication open. I highly recommend eCourtReporters for all legal professionals.”

    Janice Burness
    RPR, CRR
  • “eCourt Reporters is solving a real problem in the legal industry… I’m excited to watch them disrupt a space that has remained virtually untouched for decades.”

    Adrienne Palm
    Director of gBETA
  • “With eCourt Reporters, I’m in control of my schedule and my rates. Attorneys have control over the specific court reporter to be assigned. It’s a win/win for everyone. Fabulous concept!!”

    Sue Taylor
    Court Reporter