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Legal Video

When a witness is outside your location, searching for a videographer is challenging. No matter your location or the location of your witness, eCourt Reporters can direct you to a list of videographers across the country who have experience filming depositions in courtrooms, conference rooms, hospitals, and law firms.

Why Videotape a Deposition?

Videotaping a deposition or expert testimony can make it possible to capture the persona of someone as if they were actually in the courtroom: facial expressions, vocal inflections, and body language can be conveyed despite the person not physically being there. It also can be cost-effective in getting someone’s expert account that is far away by not having to pay for the cost of bringing the expert to trial. eCourt Reporters also offers video synchronization where the transcript timestamps can be matched up with the video.

Video Transcription Services

While a certified videographer knows how to take an expert witness’ account to show in a courtroom as if it were live, it is important to remember a videographer is NOT a court reporter, and a video cannot act as a legally certified transcript. Make sure you are booking both a court reporter and videographer together for your deposition needs outside of the courtroom.