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Court Reporting

eCourt Reporters offers a range of court reporting services and support which includes deposition, realtime transcription, video transcription, and conference rooms. These services are frequently combined in a variety of ways.   At times, finding the right court reporter to cover your case’s distinct needs can be challenging.

Direct Scheduling

At eCourt Reporters, we recognize the difficulty of finding a reporter when you are looking outside your location or working within time constraints, and then having to coordinate with a third-party agency to schedule a reporter when you need them can be frustrating.  eCourt Reporters simplifies this stage by directing you to experienced reporters across the country where you can immediately view their qualifications and certifications.

24/7 Booking

Our emergency scheduling service makes the process of finding a court reporter under short notice easy. While it comes down to availability, you can schedule a reporter with less than 24 hours’ notice, sometimes even within the same day. Scheduling last minute has no influence on price; however, canceling short notice will result in a cancellation fee.