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Our Services

eCourt Reporters makes it easy to find and book an experienced reporter. You can view the court reporter’s certifications and areas of expertise and schedule directly with reporters across the country. From realtime transcription, video depositions, trials, arbitrations and hearings, our listing of reporters and their services have you covered wherever you need them.

court reporter services

Court Reporting

From deposition reporting, realtime feed, videotaped experts, and conference rooms, our court reporters offer a multitude of services.

legal videography

Legal Video

eCourt Reporters hosts videographers across the country who have experience filming depositions in courtrooms, conference rooms, hospitals, and law firms.

Direct National Scheduling

​eCourt Reporters makes it easy to directly schedule an experienced reporter no matter where you or they are and under any time constraint​.

Video Conferencing

​When traveling isn’t a possibility​, book with eCourt Reporters to cover a video conference deposition.

video conference room

Conference Rooms

Many of our eCourt Reporters offer conference rooms and will specify size and amenities.

transcript repository court

Transcript Repository

​Access your transcripts 24/7.​ With every court reporter you hire, you will receive an uploaded version of the transcript.

audio transcription services

Audio/Video Transcription

​eCourt Reporters can help put you in touch with a qualified reporter who can transcribe audio and video copies and can certify the transcript for an official record.​

CART captioning services

CART Captioning

We take meeting the needs of people who have difficulty hearing seriously, which is why eCourt Reporters hosts reporters who offer CART captioning.

arbitration reporting

Trials, Arbitrations, and Hearings

Trials can be loud and intense, which is why you'll want to book with a reporter who can stay composed and transcribe accurately.

court reporting real time transcription

Realtime Transcription

​Certified realtime reporters deliver high quality transcripts on a feed right to your computer during the deposition.​

legal video synchronization

Video Synchronization

eCourt Reporters hosts videographers who can synchronize footage with time-stamped transcripts for side-by-side viewing and presentation.