Finding Certified Court Reporters

Court reporters are moving into freelance careers knowing that they have higher earning potential as unique professionals in need.

Where are they?

eCourt Reporters has eased the challenge for law firms and court reporting agencies to find certified court reporters for depositions and hearings.  Selection can be made quickly and efficiently for the exact professional needed.

With access to goods and services already going almost entirely digital, it makes sense to have an online ‘pool’ of qualified and vetted freelance court reporters and legal videographers. We can only expect an increase in freelance court reporters as more reporters see the value in pursuing their own business.

What are the benefits of online booking?

  • Select specific service providers for proceedings  – Narrow down to the court reporter that has the skills necessary for the assignment.
  • Upfront pricing – Know the charges at the time of booking!  Complete transparency provides no surprises when receiving an invoice.
  • Vetted and experienced court reporters – At eCourt Reporters, our reporters and videographers are put through a thorough vetting process so you know you will be receiving quality service.
  • Direct scheduling – Attorneys and paralegals can schedule and communicate directly with court reporters and legal videographers.
  • 5-star rating Ratings by peers provide an overview of the professional being hired.

Our online pool of freelance court reporters and legal videographers is rapidly growing! Court reporting isn’t the only service these professionals provide, you can find our full list of services here.

To schedule one of our professionals, sign up free with eCourt Reporters today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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