It’s About Time: eCourt Reporters Provides Online Court Reporter and Videographer Booking

New technology is allowing us to communicate quickly, efficiently, and providing us direct access to the goods and services we need. Making the switch to an online marketplace has proven to be extremely successful for countless industries in giving consumers exactly what they are looking for – think Uber and Airbnb. So it’s time to go business-to-business with booking a court reporter or legal videographer since there are thousands of highly qualified, experienced court reporters and legal videographers who work freelance.

Up until now, there has not been an online marketplace for attorneys, paralegals, and firms to access freelance court reporters and legal videographers anywhere in the country.  Now there is a platform for direct communication when booking a court reporter or legal videographer that gives the ability to see things like upfront rates, certifications, qualifications, and specialties so you know exactly the professional you’re getting.

Another one of the biggest challenges when booking a court reporter is hiring outside of your location when your witness’ deposition is being held remotely. Finding a qualified court reporter across the country can be difficult. It begs the question: What if something allowed you to book a court reporter anywhere, not just locally, which could put you in direct communication with reporters/videographers no matter where they live?

Therefore the creation of eCourt Reporters – a completely virtual marketplace designed for attorneys, paralegals, and firms to access certified court reporters and legal videographers with capabilities such as realtime transcription, video conferencing, CART captioning,  audio/video transcription, and video synchronization – just to name a few. These professionals are located all over the country and have unique profiles that include specific services for your selection.  Sign up free and access court reporter and videographer profiles, schedules, and rates.

eCourt Reporters benefits attorneys, firms, reporters, and vidographers.  Court reporters and legal videographers set their own market-driven rates.  eCourt Reporters retains only 5% of the invoice.  Transparency of upfront pricing means fair wages for those that do the hard work, and attorneys and firms know exactly where their money is going. It really is a win-win for all.

Sign up today to find the right reporter for you.

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