Attorneys Expect Excellence


Attorneys expect outstanding professional support in legal proceedings. eCourt Reporters provides attorneys and paralegals the ability to search and select certified court reporters and legal videographers free with the latest technology.

To personally select court reporters and legal videographers is a feature that supersedes all other scheduling methods.
1) Is there a specific court reporter you prefer to work with? You can search and schedule that professional with a search-by-name feature.
2) Is there a specific service provider you need for your proceeding such as a realtime reporter? You can narrow your search with the specific criteria and select your service needs.
3) Upfront pricing provides no surprises at the time of invoicing. Know what you’re going to be charged at the time of booking.

Working directly with court reporters is the most efficient and effective way for attorneys to receive top-notch service. New technology is making it easier to find the exact service provider with the skills and experience level that is demanded.

A free service for attorneys and paralegals, it’s a win for the legal community.

Attorney Benefits

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