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Court Reporter / Videographer Sign Up

The new and improved eCourt Reporters application is now available!

Please visit the new application to apply now.

Visit the New Application!

Check out our updated and enhanced features!

  • Appointments: Accept or decline bookings right from your appointment list with the added benefit of seeing the details right there, too.
  • Availability: Now, set when you are available – instead of the old way of when you were not available. You will be marked available for the first 30 days after this website update. Be sure to revise your calendar as necessary and continue to do so to remain available for attorneys to search and book your services.
  • Locations: Now you can set your locations by county and specifically by which cities within each county.
  • My Profile: Easily update your contact information, certifications, services, and prices. Be sure to check your fees, as we have added a number of new services to our streamlined form.

Your privacy is important to us.
All information you have provided to us is for attorney and eCourt Reporters eyes only, and will not be shared with other court reporters or videographers.