Company Update: Enhanced Features to Our System to Launch End of April

You asked, we listened! We’re improving our calendar!  Reporters have asked for an easier calendar process, we’ve delivered!  You no longer will be marking yourself as “unavailable.”  Our new and improved calendar system will have you marking when you “are available.” How does this change the search-by-attorney process?  You will not be seen in any [...]

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eCourt Reporters President and CEO Recognized by NCRA

The President and CEO of eCourt Reporters, Karen Renee, received an award by the Journal of Court Reporting (JCR) for the ‘Use of Technology’ in propelling the court reporting industry forward. The JCR Awards highlights innovation and recognizes NCRA (National Court Reporting Association) members who are leaders in the profession. Karen was awarded for bringing [...]

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eCourt Reporters Launches New Online Booking Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Karen Renee, Founder, President eCourt Reporters (262) 210-3915 New Online Automated Booking Platform Takes Court Reporter Industry by Storm BURLINGTON, WI—eCourt Reporters (, a company just entering its seventh month of operation, has begun making waves in the court reporting industry nationwide. With its automated online scheduling platform, eCourt Reporters [...]

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Finding Certified Court Reporters

Court reporters are moving into freelance careers knowing that they have higher earning potential as unique professionals in need. Where are they? eCourt Reporters has eased the challenge for law firms and court reporting agencies to find certified court reporters for depositions and hearings.  Selection can be made quickly and efficiently for the exact professional [...]

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The Sharing Economy Benefits The Legal Industry

What is the sharing economy? The term “sharing economy” is based on the “peer-to-peer” sharing of goods and services where buyers and sellers make direct exchanges with one another. Because technology lends itself so well to this, today it often implies a transaction that occurs online. We’ve seen it used as a substitute for hailing [...]

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How Court Reporters Can Impact Your Case

Finding a court reporter shouldn’t be just another thing to cross off your checklist, it should be handled with diligence as this person can impact your case in terms of accuracy and reliability. Understanding how court reporters may influence your proceeding helps you to know what you should be looking for when searching for a court reporter [...]

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Court Reporter Booking Online

Technology is moving forward, and it seems that everything these days is going digital, from hailing a cab to booking your next hotel (e.g. Uber and Airbnb). What about booking your next court reporter or legal videographer? Many are skeptical of whether doing everything online is really better.  At eCourt Reporters, we think it is. [...]

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Tips for Booking an Out-of-Town Deposition

If you’ve ever had to book a court reporter or videographer for a remote deposition, you know how much of a hassle it can be, and the bigger the city, the harder it is to find the right professional for your needs. So many factors go into finding the right reporter and what demands they [...]

2018-03-16T05:03:02+00:00 October 2nd, 2017|eCourt Reporters News|

It’s About Time: eCourt Reporters Provides Online Court Reporter and Videographer Booking

New technology is allowing us to communicate quickly, efficiently, and providing us direct access to the goods and services we need. Making the switch to an online marketplace has proven to be extremely successful for countless industries in giving consumers exactly what they are looking for – think Uber and Airbnb. So it's time to [...]

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