Your Rates – Your Calendar – Production Optional!

Tailored to the freelance court reporter, eCourt Reporters is disrupting the industry with its direct scheduling technology. Transparency is at the forefront with upfront rates, certifications, years of experience, 5-star rating, and instant availability. Register your services free Complete your profile Activate your live calendar Get scheduled direct It’s that easy, efficient, effective, and provides [...]

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Paralegals’ Time is Precious!

The task of scheduling a court reporter should be a simple process for a paralegal. Calling, emailing, texting, and even social media posting is time wasted in attempts to locate a skilled court reporter for a proceeding. And then waiting for responses from calls, emails, texts, and social media posts, it is more time wasted! [...]

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Artificial Intelligence Versus Live Court Reporters

The questions repeatedly asked to the court reporter: Is AI taking over your job? Why don’t you just record legal proceedings? While artificial intelligence is a technology growing in many fields, the court reporting industry is just not the best fit. Imagine for a moment being accused of a heinous crime that you did not [...]

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Legal Professionals Only, it’s Direct-Connect Money!

$25 to Certified Court Reporters / Stenographers / Paralegals / Attorneys! Did you know that you can earn $25 by recommending certified court reporters, legal videographers, attorneys, paralegals, or other litigation experts to direct-connect scheduling technology? By referring another certified professional to eCourt Reporters’ award-winning platform, you earn cash! For every individual that registers and becomes a vetted [...]

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Paralegals Get It Done!

Paralegals spend a lot of time drafting documents, interviewing clients, attending legal proceedings, preparing cases, and general coordination to ensure case management. And that is just a few duties on their list of tasks! The job of a paralegal requires detail-oriented organizational skills that prevent mistakes in life-altering legal matters. Oftentimes, it is the paralegal [...]

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Court Reporters in Government

One area of the court reporting profession that can be overlooked is the legislative court reporters that cover everything from congressional hearings to state and local government proceedings. Just as attorneys and court reporting firms strive to find the best court reporter for a unique setting, so do government entities. Public hearings, local and state [...]

2019-04-23T11:25:54+00:00 April 22nd, 2019|eCourt Reporters News|

Who is the Most Important Person in a Legal Proceeding?

Is it the attorney?  Is it the witness?  Is it the judge?  Is it the court reporter? While all attendees play an important role in a legal proceeding, a live court reporter could be the most important person in the current event and beyond. As an attorney, you demand that all testimony be taken down [...]

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It’s Time to be Scheduled Direct

Court reporters and videographers, it’s time to be found by attorneys, paralegals, and schedulers direct!  Your rates, your calendar, your business. List your profile FREE. The only platform of its kind for court reporters and legal videographers to work directly with attorneys and schedulers, is improving the legal community. Do you want to increase [...]

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Need a Certified Court Reporter?

Need a certified court reporter or legal videographer? A platform to search and book vetted court reporters and legal videographers exists, and it’s FREE.  Attorneys, paralegals, court reporting firms, and agencies can now filter through available service providers in all 50 states.  Find the exact professional for the specific proceeding by certifications, years of experience, upfront [...]

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