Searching for Court Reporters by Name!

Know the court reporter or legal videographer you want to work with? Find their availability instantly with our custom search-by-name feature! eCourt Reporters is the only platform of its kind to provide paralegals and attorneys the ability to search and schedule court reporters by name. You’ve established a great relationship with a court reporter, and now [...]

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Finding Court Reporters by Name!

Do you have paralegals that regularly request your court reporting services?  Make it easy to be found! List your free court reporter or legal videographer profile, activate your live calendar, and paralegals can find your availability even when you are unable to answer the phone.  Paralegals need not wait for e-mail responses or returned voicemail messages [...]

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Tabak Law Discusses Social Security Disability on the Sunday Sip, WTMJ 620AM

Interview Transcribed by Karen Renee of eCourt Reporters. JOHN MERCURE: I'm John Mercure, this is the Sunday Sip, and I'm excited to be joined by Attorney Lauren Zwirlein from Tabak Law. Good to see you, Lauren, thank you so much for being here. LAUREN ZWIRLEIN: Thanks for having me. JOHN MERCURE: Today we're talking about a [...]

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Saving Law Firms Time and Money

A scheduling task in a law firm that can take up to 24 minutes to complete can now be done in less than two minutes.  Save time and money with eCourt Reporters' award-winning platform. Scheduling a skilled court reporter or legal videographer should not be a cumbersome, frustrating process. Thanks to eCourt Reporters, it no [...]

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Direct Scheduling Court Reporters and Videographers

New technology is allowing us to communicate quickly, efficiently, and providing us direct access to the goods and services we need. Making the switch to an online marketplace has proven to be extremely successful for countless industries in giving consumers exactly what they are looking for – think Uber and Airbnb. So it's time to [...]

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Court Reporter Shortage – Yes or No?

Are there any available court reporters? The question looms as less-accurate methods of recording a proceeding attempt to infiltrate the profession. Court reporters are out there, sometimes they just need to be found! At eCourt Reporters, our mission is to make the process of locating and scheduling professional, certified court reporters easy as the crucial need [...]

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Court Reporters Can Impact Your Case

Finding a court reporter shouldn’t be just another thing to cross off your checklist, it should be handled with diligence as this person can impact your case in terms of accuracy and reliability. Understanding how court reporters may influence your proceeding helps you to know what you should be looking for when searching for a court reporter [...]

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Finding Certified Court Reporters

Court reporters are moving into freelance careers knowing that they have higher earning potential as unique professionals in need. How can you find them? eCourt Reporters has eased the challenge for law firms and court reporting agencies to find certified court reporters for depositions and hearings.  Selection can be made quickly and efficiently for the exact [...]

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Setting the Bar High. Following the Rules.

The court reporting profession is growing fast in the technology space. While we learn new techniques that make our lives easier in the technology world, we must make sure the rules of law are followed. Each state has unique codes and regulations to adhere to. A couple quick tips to keep current: Know your local [...]

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Court Reporters Direct

Law firms are familiar with the task of booking a court reporter.  Scheduling can be a time-consuming chore, especially when looking for experienced, certified court reporters. Here are some tips to help make this process go as smoothly as possible: Scheduling your Deposition Scheduling a court reporter direct allows for updated information to be easily [...]

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