Court Reporting & Captioning Week

February 9th begins Court Reporting & Captioning Week! To kick off the week, eCourt Reporters has joined forces in the technology world to bring the first annual virtual court reporting conference at on February 9th and 10th! This is a great learning tool as well as an avenue to earn CEUs from any location.  Staff [...]

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Technology Overload for Court Reporters

eCourt Reporters’ award-winning online system is teaming up with StenoFest for a technological overload event! The first of its kind virtual court reporting conference is being held February 9th and 10th with the opportunity to earn CEUs. Don’t miss out as eCourt Reporters will feature its unique system for getting freelance court reporters and legal [...]

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Virtual Court Reporter Education Online

Join us! eCourt Reporters' award-winning technology joins StenoFest's first-ever virtual court reporting conference! We all know that attending conferences can be expensive.  In this platform, you can earn CEUs from any location!  The all-star cast is loaded with information and they are anxious to share.   You will have the opportunity to learn from Dee Boenau, Kensie Benoit, Ron Cook, [...]

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Saving on Deposition Costs

FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE! Did we say “free”?  Yes, we did. Attorneys like to lower their deposition costs whenever possible, here is one way: A free service to search and schedule certified court reporters and legal videographers in all 50 states. No subscription fees.  No sign-up fee.  No monthly fee.  No annual fee. FREE! [...]

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State Bar of Wisconsin 2018 Legal Innovators

Congratulations to the 2018 Legal Innovators! Lifetime Innovator Emery Harlan: Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Helping Transgender Clients: Abby Churchill Eviction Defense for Low-income Tenants: Heidi Wegleitner, Raphael Ramos, and Team Seeding Success for Startups: Anne Smith, Collin Schaefer, and Team Standing Up for Crime Victims: Sheila Sullivan and Team Creating a One-stop Shop for [...]

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Tabak Attorneys Helping Veterans

eCourt Reporters transcribed a Sunday Sip interview of Tabak Law's Jim Brzezinski with John Mercure at WTMJ 620.  Tabak Law specializes in benefits for veterans and their families, and eCourt Reporters is pleased to be able to help inform veterans and their families where to receive the help they may need for the benefits they deserve.  [...]

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Wisconsin 2018 Legal Innovator

eCourt Reporters is honored to be awarded Wisconsin 2018 Legal Innovator by the State Bar of Wisconsin!   The following article is found in the Wisconsin Lawyer: Karen Renee often lamented the difficulties in finding certified, qualified court reporters to cover depositions. She has been a court reporter in the Milwaukee area for about a decade [...]

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We Are The Leader In Online Scheduling!

What makes eCourt Reporters different? As online scheduling evolves, many try to follow the leader in direct scheduling technology.  So, are there any differences from scheduling a court reporter or videographer based primarily on geographical location versus scheduling direct with attorneys, paralegals, firms, and agencies on eCourt Reporters’ professional platform?  There are many! With eCourt [...]

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Select the Best Professional

An experienced certified court reporter continues to be irreplaceable.  The high demand for certified court reporters continues to grow daily. So, what’s the best way to find highly skilled court reporters? eCourt Reporters provides a listing of court reporters and legal videographers to be searched for and scheduled direct by law firms with the biggest [...]

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Court Reporter – Professional Versus Competent

As the court reporting industry evolves into the technology market, be sure to know the difference between a professional court reporter and the competent service of reporting. A professional court reporter works in accordance with the high standards of the profession.  A competent court reporting service is simply having a skill or ability. Often the [...]

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