Remote Court Reporting Services – Tech Tip II

eCourt Reporters will be providing tips to help court reporters and law firms transition to the current need for remote court reporting services. (Click here if you missed Tech Tip I) You've chosen a video conference software, what's next? Do multiple pretests with friends and family. Host checklist. Include an email to a personal email address [...]

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Remote Court Reporting Services – Tech Tip I

eCourt Reporters will be providing tips to help court reporters and law firms transition to the current need for remote court reporting services. Let's start with the basics. What equipment is needed? Computer/mobile device with a webcam or remote camera for visual feed.Speaker phone (optional). In some areas, depending on Internet speed, your video feed [...]

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Remote Deposition Services Needed!

REMOTE DEPOSITION SERVICES NEEDED! eCourt Reporters is experiencing a large volume of searches in multiple locations for remote court reporting services due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Current court reporters: Sign in to your account and verify that your profile listing includes remote support services. Don't have a profile listing? Click here and complete an application (free). Law firms, government entities, court reporting firms: Click [...]

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Savvy Attorneys Get it!

The gold standard of stenographers remains the pinnacle in the court reporting industry. eCourt Reporters provides an exceptional service for lawyers to be as thorough in their selection of court reporters as clients are thorough in selecting legal representation.  Current service providers on eCourt Reporters' platform are doing an outstanding job of fulfilling the gold standard service to [...]

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Project Pitch It Features eCourt Reporters!

WISN -TV 12 Saturday, March 14th, at 10:35 p.m. Watch Live! Tune in to Project Pitch It on Saturday when eCourt Reporters pitches their legal technology platform to moguls Dr. Debbie Allen, Peggy Ann, David Gruber, and Jerry Jendusa. After the show, be sure to vote for Viewers' Choice Award! Project Pitch It provided a great opportunity for eCourt Reporters to showcase the latest in technology to [...]

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ABATechShow 2020 Recap

Showcasing legal technology was in full force in Chicago at the American Bar Association Technology Show 2020. Software management, time keeping software, document management, and discovery to name only a few of the companies helping law firms implement technology to grow their firms. eCourt Reporters was in attendance as the only technology system with a [...]

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The major blunder and the follow-up discussion!

During a recent Senate vote, MSNBC's announcers denigrated the court reporting industry with misinformed, uneducated comments.  After an influx of social media attention, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow provided perhaps a response. A big turnaround in just a few weeks. eCourt Reporters would like to thank all that took the time to clarify the important role of stenographers.

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Bringing Technology to Law Firms

The American Bar Association Technology Show 2020 is in Chicago, Illinois, February 26-29.  Join eCourt Reporters as we discuss the latest in technology and the importance of today’s stenographic state-of-the-art equipment for providing instant realtime feed. The ABATECHSHOW2020 will bring the newest technology for attorneys with everything from software practice management to e-discovery businesses and [...]

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Court Reporting & Captioning Week

eCourt Reporters participates in 2020 National Court Reporting & Captioning Week to raise awareness about the incredible profession. To ensure the best-suited court reporting services to law firms across the country, eCourt Reporters is happy to show our support by helping to spread the word with the partnership of WTJM620 AM radio. Court reporters and [...]

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