Scheduling Direct Benefits Law Firms

eCourt Reporters' Scheduling Direct = Many Benefits Found now on Clio's App Directory! Law firms are familiar with the task of booking a court reporter.  Scheduling can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when looking for experienced, certified court reporters. eCourt Reporters perfected the process with a FREE service! Scheduling For Proceedings Scheduling a court reporter [...]

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eCourt Reporters Integrates with Clio!

eCourt Reporters has integrated with Clio! Another big win for the legal community. The direct-connect technology of eCourt Reporters has integrated with Clio’s industry leading management software to redefine and improve legal services. A one-of-a-kind platform, eCourt Reporters provides law firms direct access to vetted court reporters across the United States. The award-winning technology is [...]

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In Studio with Tabak Law

Tabak Law is doing great work assisting veterans. To help get the word out, eCourt Reporters donated court reporting services to transcribe the interview between John Mercure at WTMJ 620AM and Tabak Law's Attorney Jim Brzezinski during the Sunday Sip. JOHN MERCURE: I'm John Mercure, welcome to the Sunday Sip.  Excited to be joined by my [...]

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Career Day with eCourt Reporters!

Showcasing the fascinating field of court reporting to the students at Dyer Intermediate School in Burlington, Wi.  eCourt Reporters featured a court reporting machine on career day where each student could type their name in steno.  Students were given a printout of what their name looks like on the keyboard. They were most impressed with how many words per [...]

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New Partnership in the Midwest!

eCourt Reporters partners with NewBoCo entrepreneurship November 1, 2019, Cedar Rapids, IA – eCourt Reporters is now an Iowa Startup Accelerator portfolio company following investment by the ISA Fund LP in October. “We’re thrilled to have eCourt Reporters as a portfolio company because they’re a strong new company with an award-winning platform being built here [...]

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Hiring a Court Reporter?

WHAT CRITERIA SHOULD BE USED? Is it price, qualifications, skill level, peer reviews, or is it simply availability? You could literally ask five different schedulers and each would have a different answer, and depending on the proceeding, the answer may differ as well. Let’s address each option and perhaps an argument as to why: Price: Let’s [...]

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Leading the Legal Industry

What makes eCourt Reporters unique? As online scheduling evolves, many try to follow the leader in direct-connect technology.  The differences of finding court reporters or videographers based primarily on geographical location versus scheduling direct on eCourt Reporters’ professional platform are many! With eCourt Reporters’ award-winning platform: Court reporters and videographers list individual profiles for schedulers to select the [...]

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Locate Vetted Court Reporters FREE!

Court reporters are moving into freelance careers for the higher earning potential, so where are they? Search and select vetted court reporters and legal videographers FREE! No subscription fees. No sign-up fee. TRANSPARENCY AT ITS BEST! eCourt Reporters has eased the challenge for law firms and court reporting agencies to find certified court reporters for [...]

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Sharing Economy Benefits the Legal Industry

What is the sharing economy? The term “sharing economy” is based on the “peer-to-peer” sharing of goods and services where buyers and sellers make direct exchanges with one another. Because technology lends itself so well to this, today it often implies a transaction that occurs online. We’ve seen it used as a substitute for hailing [...]

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Booking Court Reporters for Out-of-Town Depositions

Scheduling a court reporter or legal videographer for a remote deposition can be such a hassle, and the bigger the city, the harder it is to find the right professional for a specific proceeding. Many factors go into finding the right court reporter or legal videographer: Does the deposition need to be held with videoconference capabilities? [...]

2019-09-19T09:12:52-06:00 September 18th, 2019|eCourt Reporters News|
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