We Are The Leader In Online Scheduling!

What makes eCourt Reporters different? As online scheduling evolves, many try to follow the leader in direct scheduling technology.  So, are there any differences from scheduling a court reporter or videographer based primarily on geographical location versus scheduling direct with attorneys, paralegals, firms, and agencies on eCourt Reporters’ professional platform?  There are many! With eCourt [...]

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Select the Best Professional

An experienced certified court reporter continues to be irreplaceable.  The high demand for certified court reporters continues to grow daily. So, what’s the best way to find highly skilled court reporters? eCourt Reporters provides a listing of court reporters and legal videographers to be searched for and scheduled direct by law firms with the biggest [...]

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Court Reporter – Professional Versus Competent

As the court reporting industry evolves into the technology market, be sure to know the difference between a professional court reporter and the competent service of reporting. A professional court reporter works in accordance with the high standards of the profession.  A competent court reporting service is simply having a skill or ability. Often the [...]

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Solving Frustrations of a Freelance Business

Being a freelance court reporter or legal videographer is an extremely rewarding job.  Being in control of your time and money are the obvious good points, but along with the wonderful aspects, a few difficulties emerge: An independent freelancer struggles with the high cost of advertising and marketing.  An independent freelancer struggles with the time [...]

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Attorneys Expect Excellence

  Attorneys expect outstanding professional support in legal proceedings. eCourt Reporters provides attorneys and paralegals the ability to search and select certified court reporters and legal videographers free with the latest technology. To personally select court reporters and legal videographers is a feature that supersedes all other scheduling methods. 1) Is there a specific court [...]

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Recorded Legal Proceedings, Yes or No?

Technology is rapidly growing in business today, and for as wonderful as technology can be, there are still some things it can never replace.   A live professional court reporter is the only way to ensure accurate transcripts for legal proceedings.  Some claim a digital recording of a proceeding is the new way to save on [...]

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Company Update: Enhanced Features to Our System to Launch End of April

You asked, we listened! We’re improving our calendar!  Reporters have asked for an easier calendar process, we’ve delivered!  You no longer will be marking yourself as “unavailable.”  Our new and improved calendar system will have you marking when you “are available.” How does this change the search-by-attorney process?  You will not be seen in any [...]

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eCourt Reporters President and CEO Recognized by NCRA

The President and CEO of eCourt Reporters, Karen Renee, received an award by the Journal of Court Reporting (JCR) for the ‘Use of Technology’ in propelling the court reporting industry forward. The JCR Awards highlights innovation and recognizes NCRA (National Court Reporting Association) members who are leaders in the profession. Karen was awarded for bringing [...]

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eCourt Reporters Launches New Online Booking Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Karen Renee, Founder, President eCourt Reporters (262) 210-3915 krenee@ecourtreporters.com New Online Automated Booking Platform Takes Court Reporter Industry by Storm BURLINGTON, WI—eCourt Reporters (www.ecourtreporters.com), a company just entering its seventh month of operation, has begun making waves in the court reporting industry nationwide. With its automated online scheduling platform, eCourt Reporters [...]

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Finding Court Reporters During a Shortage

Anyone in charge of booking court reporters/videographers knows that there is an inadequate number to select from. Fewer young adults are getting an education in court reporting despite benefits like affordable education and job security.  The increasing retirement rate is also a factor with approximately 70% of working court reporters over the age of 46*. [...]

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